Tuesday 27 September 2022

Two Breweries Hill Race 2022

The Two Breweries race starts at Traquair House and finishes in Broughton 19 miles later with 4 distinct climbs adding up to over 5,000ft on the way. A fair part of it is hacking across trackless hills and the optimum line seeming to evolve as the heather grows each year, or gets burnt, and as new quad tracks and trods appear! Its a brute, but its a proper challenge and on the door step, with the added brewery element always seems to appeal. 

It was good weather this year - sunny, but not super hot or too windy. Super to see so many Moorfoots at this years addition - the club had 10 finishers which is believed to be a record for the race. Well done to all Simon Hammond coming in first Moorfoot in 17th place and argonisingly close to ducking under 3h30! Diana Challands was 1st V40, 5th woman, which only a few days after being hit by a car door off her bike  might show the most impressive bounce back and resilience ('just a few bruises all down one side' was how she skimmed over it at the start)! Results are here https://twobreweries.org.uk and the club results copied below.

Also good set of photos on the club FB group courtesy of Martin Holt https://www.facebook.com/groups/moorfootrunners/permalink/3257699641158649, and thanks the marshall team including Dorien and Tim at the top of Birkscairn






Simon Hammond




Colin Williams




Andrew Cox




Milan Misak




Nicholas Boyd




Diana Challands




Michael McGovern




Katie Walling




Alan Elder




Heather Young



Friday 23 September 2022

London Marathon 2023 Entry Ballot - opens Saturday 1 October 2022, closes Friday 7 October

The public ballot for entry for the 2023 London Marathon (Sunday 23 April 2023) closes at 9pm on Friday 7 October. Details here: https://in.londonmarathon.events/2022-tcs-london-marathon

It is the premier road marathon in Britain and a real experience for everyone I know who has taken part.

The club is guaranteed a single place in the London Marathon each year, but to make sure it is fairly allocated we will consider the qualifying factors to help award the place to the most deserving applicant. The final decision for the place is taken by the club committee.

The following factors are considered:

> Have they been a member for more than 12 months

> Have they applied for the club place previously, and been unsuccessful? (if you have been lucky enough to receive the club place before this will favour those who haven't had it)

> Have they unsuccessfully tried to enter via the ballot for the year they are applying for, and not eligible for a good for age place https://www.tcslondonmarathon.com/enter/how-to-enter/good-for-age-entry , or championship entries (for real speed merchants) https://www.tcslondonmarathon.com/enter/how-to-enter/championship-entry which both open later in the year

> Taking into account the participation and involvement with the club. Have you contributed to club activities, i.e. helped at races, training, other events or roles.

So this is a heads up for anyone wanting to do London - enter the ballot now! https://www.tcslondonmarathon.com/enter/how-to-enter/ballot-entry

"Tower Bridge is the spirit of the London Marathon squeezed into 244m"

Sunday 11 September 2022

Club Champs Update 11/9/2022

 A few Parkruns this weekend and some changes at the top of the  leaderboard.  Dorien now moves in to 3rd place with a debut at the Vogrie PR.

We are now getting in to the business end of the champs now only the follow races left (excluding any new Parkruns)

Still to go:

Scottish 10k and Half Marathon 18/09/2022

Devils Foot Half Marathon 16/10/2022

Lilliesleaf 10k 16/10/2022

Jedburgh 10k and Half Marathon 30/10/2022

Tinto Hill Race 05/11/2022

Still time to try and consolidate your place or grab a few places on the leaderboard !!!

RaceTOTAL Points
Martin Holt230
Andy Cox140
Dorien Kimenai135
Gillian Carr130
Tim Warner125
Dean Carr125
Milan Misak115
Colin Williams95
Heather Young90
Carol Moss90
Diane Challands85
Jen Misak80
Robbie Devlin55
Vicky Morrison50
Craig Bennett45
Danny Lavin45
Coreen McGovern40
Peter Caddick35
Alan Elder35
Philip Coutts30
Ian Munro30
Kerry Law30
Mike McGovern30
Brian Smith25
Pamella Swalwell25
Hamish Parkinson25
Kevin Rafferty20
Maggie Oliver15
Robert Wilson15
Eilidh Davidson15
Mike Goddard15
Thomas Jones10
Noel Quinn10
Simon Hammond10
Beth Hanson10
Pete Hall10
Nigel Shekleton10
Mike Pearson10
Scott Gourlay10
Alex Campbell5
David Waldie5
Martin Quirke5
Amy Capper5
Rosie Shankey5