Friday 23 September 2022

London Marathon 2023 Entry Ballot - opens Saturday 1 October 2022, closes Friday 7 October

The public ballot for entry for the 2023 London Marathon (Sunday 23 April 2023) closes at 9pm on Friday 7 October. Details here:

It is the premier road marathon in Britain and a real experience for everyone I know who has taken part.

The club is guaranteed a single place in the London Marathon each year, but to make sure it is fairly allocated we will consider the qualifying factors to help award the place to the most deserving applicant. The final decision for the place is taken by the club committee.

The following factors are considered:

> Have they been a member for more than 12 months

> Have they applied for the club place previously, and been unsuccessful? (if you have been lucky enough to receive the club place before this will favour those who haven't had it)

> Have they unsuccessfully tried to enter via the ballot for the year they are applying for, and not eligible for a good for age place , or championship entries (for real speed merchants) which both open later in the year

> Taking into account the participation and involvement with the club. Have you contributed to club activities, i.e. helped at races, training, other events or roles.

So this is a heads up for anyone wanting to do London - enter the ballot now!

"Tower Bridge is the spirit of the London Marathon squeezed into 244m"

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