Thursday 27 May 2021

Guided Round of Glensax - Social Run

 Another Moorfoot Sunday run planned - Sunday 13-June

Route - Round of Glensax (up Gypsy Glen hill track and on to Birkscairn, Dun Rig, back over Hundleshope Heights and down Deadside)

Type of Run - this is a 3 to 4 hour hill run, but will be a 'social run' so run at the pace of the slowest member with frequent regrouping and stops (like a Thrs run but longer !) There will be a lot of walking..

Terrain - some nice hill tracks, some awful peat hags, plenty of heathery bits ! Trail shoes recommended

Kit - please carry or wear full body cover, including hat, gloves and waterproof jacket. A small back pack or similar is a good idea (in which case throw in a warm layer too !). This is quite a long route so a snack and water also advised - its a big day in the hills. If its sunny, hat and sun cream also advised.

Meet Point - top of Glen Road Peebles (some limited parking here) at junction with Haystoun Estate; meet at 0930...probably early afternoon (could be nearer 1400) when we are back in the town.

Run Leader - Kenny Davidson

Let me know by email or via Moorfoot Facebook Group if you plan to attend, so we can assess numbers.

Tuesday 25 May 2021

Cademuir Club Handicap 23/05/21


(Uploaded for Mike McGovern and Danny Lavin - Organisers)

A large turnout in decent weather conditions made it a successful day for the Cademiur handicap on Sunday past.

In the junior race, Luke Grieve lead at the top but was closely followed by Lola Lockyer. The race went all the way to the end with Luke just holding off Lola by a mere three seconds. Elena Lee claimed third spot, not far behind. Special mention for Dylan Davidson, who at 7 years old, completed the course and put up a great fight all the way to the end!




An entry of twenty competed in the seniors handicap and we welcomed some of our friends from Gala Harriers to join us.

Indeed it was Gala Harrier athlete Darren Scott who took the honours in the handicap with Jen Misak coming in

second, just holding off Dean Carr by one second. The best scratch time was Milan Misak with a time of 29 mins 32 secs.

Many thanks to the organisers, marshals and time keepers for all making this possible.

Monday 17 May 2021

Peebles 3 Peaks Challenge

Created by and first completed by Paul Nichol on 29 September 2018 when he posted:

We did a run today which we are calling the Peebles 3 peaks. Only rules are. Start and stop at the same place - we chose the Trust. Choose your route to the mast then over to Hamilton hill then Cademuir - the picnic table then back to the start. Great fun if anyone fancies giving it a go. Round about 17 miles about 3,000 ft of climb.