Monday 25 February 2019

Glentress Trail Races 23/24 Feb - 10km, Half and Full Marathon

Lots of Moorfoots were in action on our home patch at the weekend as High Terrain events returned to Glentress for another well attended series of races on the trails. 

Saturday morning saw Amy Alcorn, Kenny Davidson, Dave Gaffney and Simon Hammond take on the 21km route and Mike McGovern opting for a slightly more leisurely morning and the 10km route. 

It felt more like May than February on the start line and the fine weather was matched by performances all round, with Simon taking 14th place in under 1hr 45m, Dave 26th in under 1:49:20 and Amy with an very impressive 13th female place comfortably within the top 100 (of nearly 600 runners)  and just a couple of minutes over the two hour mark. A special mention for Kenny, who had a great paced run for first V50 and 35th overall in 1:51:25.

Eoin Lennon from Carnethy was first home in 1:25:51 after a great tussle with James Dunn, who finished just 16 seconds behind. Lou Stubbings was first female in 1:44:44, more than seven minutes ahead of second place. 

Having started his 10k an hour later than the half marathoners, Mike arrived back at about the same time as Simon, sneaking home under the 45-minute mark to finish 5th overall and 2nd V40, behind a rapid Dean Whiteford from Innerleithen. 

While the others were nursing their DOMS on Sunday, Ross Grieve was in action on the trails, again in great conditions, and completed his two laps of the 21km route in an impressive 4:01:52 for a creditable 15th place and 2nd V50. Richard Edge covered the course in  4:43:22 - almost an hour faster than he did it in 2018, in 56th place, which Katie Walling clocked 4:57:17 for a very impressive 12th female. 

Overall the race was won by Ally Beaven of Highland Hill Runners in 3:24:58 with Portobello’s Nicola Duncan continued her incredible form, taking more than three minutes off the female course record in 3:41:18.

Half Marathon Results:

10km Results:

Marathon Results:

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Monday 11 February 2019

Podium positions at Lilliesleaf 10k

Lillesleaf 10k was held on Sunday 10th Feb on trails around the picturesque Riddell Estate.
A friendly and low key event - enter on the day only- with over 100 runners.
Mike McGovern and Darin Dougal were flying the red and blue quartered flag and had excellent runs to finish 2nd and 3rd respectively, just behind winner (and Innerleithen local) Dean Whiteford who has been running very well over the Borders XC series.

Well done team Moorfoot!

Mike and Darin either side of Dean

Carnethy 5 report 2019

Dave Gaffney's Report from Carnethy 5 on Sat 9 Feb:

Colin told me to keep it brief, so here's my report from the Carnethy 5 in bullet point form.
  • It was windy. Really windy. Even at ground level. Alan Elder actually considered wearing a long-sleeved top. That's how bad it was.
  • Usually in the C5 you reach the top of Scald Law (1 of 5) and are grateful for the relief of a short downhill section before you turn towards South Black Hill (2 of 5).
  • This year, that short downhill stretch was almost as hard as the preceding 20-minute climb had been.
  • But into the teeth of the hurricane we stupidly went, like rag dolls somehow upsetting the odds to fight their way round the cairn and down to the foot of East Kip (3 of 5) and a brief respite from the wind. But no respite from the contour lines.
  • Summiting West Kip (4 of 5), the tantalising prospect of having that wind at my back suddenly presented itself.
  • In reality, though, it was just coming at you from a different side, and it didn't seem to aid progress on the descent to the Howe.  
  • Still, by this point it's four hills down and one measly mound to go, so it's pretty much job done, isn't it?
  • Well, not really. Not at all, in fact.
  • Because Carnethy (5 of 5) is a brute and a bully and a bloody big bothersome bugger. It can be broken down into three sections, each of them equally evil. The initial climb on the path. Then the really steep gully bit to the frustratingly false summit. Then a left turn for the final rocky path to the cairn.
  • After that, the bell rang for a final round showdown with the headwind, this time with a bit of heather and scree thrown in just for giggles.
  • Down to the gate and a lumpy, soggy, sapping run in to the finish line.
  • Next year is the 50th edition of the race. I can't recommend it highly enough. You'd love it.
  • Don't just take my word for it, though. There's a couple of good reports from Jonny Muir and Ross Brannigan below, if you want an alternative view...

Also racing was Jacob Adkin in Keswick AC colours for a stunning 5th place finish, and ex Moorfoot Sarah McCormack who only went and won it! Also running were regular Tuesday trainers Adam Hayward (not pushing child in buggy this time!) in Ochils colours and Katie Walling in the brown of HBT. Everyone acquitted themselves very well.

Full results:

I think that is Jacob in ninja mode
Alan the Bard's input: An 'observation' of Storm Erik's visit to Carnethy 5

Big Erik The Gale

Big Erik the Gale
From the west, did hail,
His planning, to prise us to pieces.
When lipping the Law, so ripping and raw,
Poor sheep, hang on to their fleeces

Big Erik the Gale,
No chance to exhale,
As forces, on faces, he funnels.
On Black Hill, South, he billows your mouth -
Your nostrils resemble two tunnels

Big Erik the Gale,
It’s time to hightail,
In terror, traversing typhoon,
While making the trip, to the easterly kip,
Avoiding a stop on the moon

Big Erik the Gale,
Should spend time in jail'
Assailer, attacker, a harmer!
West Kip to the Howe, I nosedive and plough,
A furrow befitting a farmer

Big Erik the Gale,
His final assail -
This bully is biting and breathy.
But try as he will, he can’t halt the thrill,
Of the final descent from Carnethy
(Alan Elder)