Sunday 30 January 2022

Cademuir Handicap report 30/01/2022

Firstly many thanks to the organisers, marshalls, helpers, and course markers and collectors as these things only happen if people make them happen, so thank you to Danny Lavin, Mike McGovern, Nigel Shekleton, Tim Warner, Pete Caddick, Fin Hall and especially Pete Hall for time keeping with 23 runners finishing close together! Also to Ross Grieve for sorting out the juniors.

We certainly got the best of the day and although it was cool with frost in the shade we were treated to blue sky and no wind. Everyone seemed to have fun and great to see a lot of the runners sporting new  Moorfoot vests! A couple of Gala vests worn by our friends too. Well done everyone

First off were the U12 and they completed the short but steep course with the following results

Joel Hilton                       10:24
Ruaridh Pearson              10:34
Dan Moore                        11:19
Jack Foley                         11:24
Rory Prestwell                11:24

The results for the long course are below. It was dominated by our excellent juniors claiming the first 4 position - Ross set the handcaps for them and must have underestimated how fast they can go over longer distances so well done all. Some scorching scratch times too, with Milan Misak registering a clear win, and Elena Lee recording the fastest female time, both lowering the course records from last years handicap. 

Name Start Time Predicted Time Finish Time Finish Position Race Time Race Position
Luke Grieve 9:41:00 00:39:00 0:45:22 1 00:34:22 11
Elena Lee 9:40:00 00:40:00 0:45:25 2 00:35:25 13
James Moore 9:41:00 00:39:00 0:45:37 3 00:34:37 12
Thomas Hilton 9:46:30 00:34:30 0:48:48 4 00:32:18 8
Dean Whiteford 9:47:30 00:32:30 0:49:17 5 00:31:47 6
Martin Quirke 9:46:00 00:34:00 0:49:27 6 00:33:27 10
Milan Misak 9:50:30 00:29:30 0:49:35 7 00:29:05 1
Rosie Shankey 9:41:50 00:38:10 0:49:54 8 00:38:04 18
Hamish Parkinson 9:41:50 00:38:10 0:49:58 9 00:38:08 19
Dorien Kimenai 9:39:00 00:41:00 0:50:01 10 00:41:01 23
Danny Lavin 9:50:00 00:30:00 0:50:13 11 00:30:13 3
Finlay Watson 9:48:00 00:32:00 0:50:13 x 00:32:13 Wrong course
Nick Boyd 9:50:30 00:29:30 0:50:15 12 00:29:45 2
Nigel Shekleton 9:49:30 00:30:30 0:50:22 13 00:30:52 4
Mike McGovern 9:47:30 00:32:30 0:50:22 14 00:32:52 9
Bob Johnson 9:43:00 00:37:00 0:50:29 15 00:37:29 16
Beth Hanson 9:44:30 00:35:30 0:50:55 16 00:36:25 14
Gillian Carr 9:41:00 00:39:00 0:50:58 17 00:39:58 21
Colin Williams 9:49:30 00:30:30 0:51:01 18 00:31:31 5
James Purves 9:41:00 00:39:00 0:51:08 19 00:40:08 22
Kenny Davidson 9:44:30 00:35:30 0:51:17 20 00:36:47 15
Alan Elder 9:41:50 00:38:10 0:51:45 21 00:39:55 20
Dean Carr 9:46:00 00:34:00 0:53:45 22 00:37:45 17

If anyone has any photos let me know or share on the Facebook group.

Sunday 23 January 2022

Hawick Minto Borders XC round, and Feel the Burns 2022 summary

Some great racing these last two weekends with some great results today at the Hawick Minto Borders XC round 4, and fast and furious course, a bit shorter than normal, but still with the lung busting climb up through the woods at Fatlips Castle. Full senior results are found here: Connor Quinn and Ciara Quinn had good runs in the junior race too.

The Moorfoots did really well with a great turnout runs accross the categories and the Men's team in 3rd and the Women's in 4th - fabulous stuff

Last weekend the annual Feel the Burns race organised by Selkirk Fund Runners took place, again with a good Moorfoot contigent in action and some great haggis pie afterwards! Always a rewarding course at 13 miles and lots of climb and great trails too. Over 250 and runners and again would excellent performances on what turned out to be a fantastic day for running with the sun on a cool January's day.

Results on the SHR tab:

Loads of photos here:

I had a trawl and found the following, sorry if I missed anyone:

Moorfoot Trail Running Weekend Fri 20-May to Sun 22-May

 Log your interest by Friday 4-Feb, on this Doodle Poll such that accommodation can be booked. This is the trickiest bit, so please confirm your interest as quickly as possible.

The Grand Plan...

The Isle of Arran sits in the middle of the Firth of Clyde on the west coast of Scotland and is about one hour on the ferry from Ardrossan. Often described as 'Scotland in miniature', it is a fantastic place to run, be it in the glens, the coastal paths or the mountains.

Open to all Club Members (over 18)...

Fri 20-May

Get to Arran, foot passenger...last ferry from Ardrossan is 2030 (earlier one at 1800 or previously throughout the day) to Brodick. You need to check in min 30 min before ferry departure; Ardrossan is approx 2 hours from Peebles, on a good day !

Overnight accommodation on Arran (location TBC as soon as we get confirmation of numbers) Likely to be a hostel or bunkhouse (ie. shared rooms, bunk beds etc.)

Sat 21-May

Racers - Goatfell Hill Race - classic up and down from sea level to 874m; 10 miles/16km starts at 1200 (confirmation of race TBC)

Trail Runners - route from Brodick up Glen Rosa, up onto Caisteal Abhail (859m) and continuing on to Lochranza; 20km; start approx 0930 (we'll make a day of it...) Bus back to Brodick if that's where we're staying)

Pub meal and a few beers on Sat evening...

Sun 22-May

Morning trail run (TBC) then afternoon ferry back to Ardrossan; pick up cars, back to  Peebles early evening.

Goatfell Hill Race Entries TBC

Proposed Trail Run Route

Calmac Summer Timetable

Log your interest by Friday 4-Feb, on this Doodle Poll such that accommodation can be booked. This is the trickiest bit, so please confirm your interest as quickly as possible.

Friday 14 January 2022

Peebles Cademuir Moorfoot Senior Handicap and Junior Run, Sunday 30 January

We are holding the 2nd handicap and race for Moorfoot Runners and friends on Sunday 30 January. 

Organisers Danny Lavin and Mike McGovern.  Contact Danny to enter

Juniors – start together at 9.30 am

Junior Footwear – the run is on this is grass/ trails  – so offroad / trail shoes better if possible - depending on dryness of the surfaces.

Junior's course is 2km with 120m climb see here for profile:

Senior Handicap (for Over 16’s) 

The course is just more than 4 miles with 1,000ft of climbing. Shown here:

The first runner will be off after 9:30am, depending on the handicapping, which will be based on previous performance, or runners current 10km race time – so if you plan to attend, please let Danny know your current 10Km time and we’ll figure out the handicapping.  

Start times 

Toilets – None!

Parking – if you need to drive you can use Peebles High School sports centre car park about 500m away

 - You also have the option of cycling or running to the event. 

Covid 19

People still need to follow government guidelines re safety, social distancing, etc, hence non-runners please be respectful of this – should anyone complain, the club may well receive unwelcome publicity.


We look forward to seeing you there! If you don’t feel like racing but are able to help out marshalling then please let Danny Lavin ( know and we can use some help.


The Moorfoot Team