Monday 21 September 2020

Two Breweries Club Social Run 2020


Autumn is upon us, the night air chills and the light of day reduces as we head into the 4th quarter of 2020. September, is traditionally ‘Breweries’ time of year but due to the restrictions needed to stem the spread of COVID 19, the race was unfortunately cancelled.

So, we decided to arrange or own ‘small scale’ Two Breweries run on Sunday 20th.

9 runners signed up for the 19 mile, (5000 + foot climb) run from Traquair Brewery over the valleys to Broughton Brewery. Following guidelines, we ensured that no more than 2 households travelled together and kept a 2 meter distance on the way between the start and end points.

Looking Fresh

It started out a cloudy morning – disappointing start considering the potential views on offer!

Easy pace out to the turn at the farm and then up through the gates to Beards Hill. Heading through the gap in the wall, Graeme is attacked by barbed wire. Waist high bracken (beware of the ticks) and we are soon plodding up Birks Hill.

But, by the time we had snacked and descended off Birkscairn into Glensax, the cloud began to lift and the resulting views made the slog up to Hundleshope worthwhile.


Down to Glensax - Dean and Gillian can see their hoose frae here!

Group grunting, scorchio calves and we soon on the way through the mush that leads to the contour from Broom hill to Door Hass.

Hundleshope (We have put the band back together!)

More snacks and view admiration and we are off on the quad crusher down to Glenrath Farm. Top ups on water and then a push on to the bottom of the Whitelaw hill firebreak. I have painted a favourable picture of the firebreak climb and everyone is desperately looking forward to it, particularly since it is such a hot day. We reach the bottom of the climb and everyone cheers.

We reach the top, and oddly, people are not cheering. More snacking and I am staring blankly at a half-chomped Tunnock’s Caramel Log in my hand, as fluid leaks from my pores on onto the forest floor.

We move on to ‘Dead Wife’s Grave’ and much discussion….

The Dead Wife's Grave is marked on the OS second edition 6" map, but the OS Name Book of 1856 states there are no remains of any structure. It lies where the old road passes through the parish boundary dyke. Tradition dating back to at least 1775 links the death of the woman with the 1645 Battle of Philiphaugh © Heritage Paths

It’s a good run down to Dawyck Mill and then the turn in to Stobo. Amy and Ewan (the newest Moorfoot member, at that point) had contemplated finishing up here, but decide that they are having so much fun (possibly drifting into type 2 at this point) they would continue through to Broughton.

The forest road is a drag, but the trees provide welcome shade on a hot day. Rounding the reservoir at the head of Weston Burn, the big bad one reveals itself – Trahenna  - the coupon wiper -  lies in the distance. We are small, she is not.

Rather than confront this beastie from the steepest, eastern side, we take a line around Louden Knowe Wood, contour Louden Knowe and head up the more southerly side. More scorched calves and we’re on top of Trahenna.

Just the nasty foot shredding contour around to Ratchill Hill and down its steep slope to the farm and we are on the final section of road. Broughton Brewery is in sight and the pace lifts, and, as Ewan put it, ‘Every step forward is a step towards the pain ending!’

That said….a good day out – smiles and cheers but no beers!

Penchrise Pen Hill Race report 2020

While the big guns were in Perthshire the real action was going on south of Hawick at the Penchrise Pen Hill Race organised by Teviotdale Harriers. The course is 5miles/900ft ascent -

There were 3 Moorfoots racing. Brian Smith and Colin Williams were racing in our first races since Feb, and we were joined by new member, and also a member of Carnethy, Daniel Lavin who joined the Moorfoots this week and will be a dual club member so great to have him along, and we look forward to seeing him at training.  Danny was quickest in 4th, Colin 7th and Brian 13th.

It was nice to give racing a bash after so long away, although I certainly felt it!! Thanks to Teviotdale harriers for organising in tricky times and giving such clear advice on the day.

Here's the report from the organiser:

Putting on races and complying with all the changing covid rules , is sometimes challenging but its well worth it to get a competitive run like today. Many thanks to everyone who volunteered and assisted at our Penchrise race and all runners in a competitive field. Thanks also to the landowners for allowing us access for todays event.
The mens record was broken today by young Sam Griffin of Aberdeen AAC in 33:20 , taking the record of 33:55 from Colin Donnelly.
The ladies race was very close , with Hawicks Viv Watson finishing in 44:34 and Judith Turner , Falkland Trail Runners on 44:43 less than 10 seconds away.