Sunday, 6 November 2016

Tough conditions at Lauder XC

A healthy turnout of juniors at the first Borders XC race of the winter, sixteen by my count including one of the un-named finishers, and it certainly felt like winter with rain turning to sleet on the highest point of the moor across from Stow to Lauder and pretty persistent rain making the club gazebo a welcome shelter (including a few interlopers who seemed to think it was a communal facility! Methinks we maybe need a club flag or sign.).

Amazingly, given the wet and cold conditions, three new burn crossings and loads of slippy mud, there were smiling faces galore at the end, many of the young juniors having their first outing for the club. If they can enjoy it in these conditions they'll enjoy anything!

Good job from the hosts Lauderdale Limpers whose Facebook reported a likely delay with the results, I suspect due to some very soggy recording sheets necessitating a re-run of the no doubt fogged up finish line video, but the results are now on which has replaced the now defunct Borders XC website. Some great photos of the juniors here:

In contrast to the high number of juniors, only six oldies seemed to toe the line for the senior race - Russell Anderson, Mairi Wallace, Alan Elder, Carol Moss, Ian Munro and Mike Pearson (finishing I think in that order). I'll leave Burnie Caffs to report on this race in his own poetic style but must mention Mairi Wallace's fifth place in the women's race given she was only sixteen in September.

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