Tuesday 14 November 2023

Club Champs 1 weekend of racing to go !!!!

 Hi All,

After a long spring, summer and autumn we are finally down to the final weekend of racing.  The final 2 races are the Glentress Winter Half Marathon and 10 K plus any park runs you can cram in.

Below in a summary of the positions:

PositionRaceTOTAL Points
1stMartin Holt300
* Not receiving prizeDean Carr225
2ndCoreen McGovern180
3rdMike McGovern170
* Not receiving prizeGillian Carr165
4thCarol Moss135
5thAlex Campbell125
6thVicky Morrison115
7th=Jen Misak110
7th=Tim Warner110
7th=Sam Laydon110
8thPeter Caddick100
9thColin Williams95
10thMilan Misak90
11thKerry Law85
12thDaniel Lavin70
13thDorien Kimenai70
14thDianna Challands60
15thIan Munro55
16thMike Goddard45
17thKenny Davidson40
18thHamish Parkinson35
19thBrian Smith30
20thScott Gourlay30
21stDavid Carter Brown25
22ndNick Boyd25
23rdAndrew Fish25
24thOli Jepson20
25thTom Jones20
26thPamella Swallwell15
27thAlan Elder15
28thPaul Nicol15
30thSarah Burthe15
31stMike Pearson10
32ndNeil Christie10
33rdPete Hall5
34thMartin Quirke5
35thMargaret Oliver5
36thAlan Elder5

and you can follow this link to see the spreadsheet in detail.

Please scrutinize your results and get back to me with anything that may have been missed.  I try my best to catch all the results but I rely on you guys to feed me your race information.

Good luck on the last weekend of racing.

Dean and Gillian

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